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10.3.2017 - aLDINEY

Dear Sir. We need your help and support. I said about paid support. Please let me know. Write an email to aldiney [at ] yahoo.com

3.9.2016 - sese

can battery eater be used to benchmark tablets

17.12.2015 - chetan

battery trouble shooting purppose

8.11.2015 - Andrei...

The battery status is ''Charging'' for some seconds ,when the battery light from the front of the laptop is orange(charging) and for a second it becomes green(fully charged) and the battery status is ''Critical''.The battery is also telling me ''Plugged in,not charging''.

25.2.2015 - Daphne

To correct my message: Found that the battery life varied from 280 minutes to 350 minutes on the same one system in a few times tests with Battery Eater Classic Mode. Do I need to do any further Eater settings to get consistent battery life result? Thank you!

25.2.2015 - Daphne

Hello. We're using Eater to test notebook's battery life. Found that the battery life varied from 280 minutes to 350 minutes on the same one system in a few times tests with Eater Reader mode. Do I need to do any further Eater settings to get consistent battery life result?

16.7.2014 - Meia28

Error B flashed on the screen while running the Classic test. What does this mean?

1.6.2014 - Logos

You dont have a forum or support email contact to get answers about your program.And there is not a Instruction Readme for your program.And We dont even get notified of answers here.SO how can we get answers for our questions and problems?

Our software is free and very old. There is a way to get good support for it - buy it. We already think about payed version of software. Will you buy batteryeater if it will update to new version?

30.5.2014 - Logos

Im using Windows 7 Starter (32bit) and when I run Battery Eater v2.70 I get the error message "Failed to set data for "Battery Eater '05' ". How do I fix this error?what does it mean?will the app still run regardless of this message?

Windows Vista and up is not tested with batteryeater. This software is very old and we guarantee work only for win 2000-XP.

14.5.2014 - Rubens-Daten

I have a notebook with 6 cell battery 10.8v 4400mAh. When testing with the Battery Eater Pro v2.7 it reports only 3 cells. I have repeated the operation on other notebooks and always the same error occurs in the report.

It's normal. 3 cells in that case means that battery have double cells. Every cell is double pack.

7.5.2014 - Alex

I'd like to see Battery Eater for MacOSX & if there's no plans in near future to publish version for macs I'd like to participate in your project to port your useful application I've been using for years on my windows laptops. If you ready to discuss this question skype me please "alexandrmatvienko"

We can potentially release batteryeater even for mobile platforms. But it will not be free as all previous versions.

28.4.2014 - Niko

Where can I download it? Thanks in advance.

From this website. In downloads section.

28.4.2014 - Niko

Hello, I would like if possible new Battery Eater 3 software, I do not care if it's beta or alpha.

It will be not alpha not beta, but it will not be free if we decide to develop it.

2.1.2014 - hawkeye62

Readers Test doesn't work in Win 8.1 latest version of BE. It scrolls to bottom of file and stops scrolling. Rest of test is just idle.

Sorry there was no Windows8 7 years ago.

13.12.2013 - tonyr

will 14.4v battery work in place of 10.8v battery - hp probook 4510s


14.9.2013 - Fellippe - LTA-RH

Dont open the software in win 7 or 8 with the power ac connected. Unplug the ac adapter, open the BE and plug in the adapter.

6.9.2013 - Fabio

The 2.07 Version of the batteryeater run in Windows 8 x64 ?

I Don't know. It was not tested. It is very old version.

5.9.2013 - 5555624

Same problem as Necotito, Win7, 32-bit, runnign BE Pro v2.70, I get "Failed to set data for "Battery Eater '05'"

11.8.2013 - Necotito

Run pro v2.70, in wn7 it displays "Failed to set data for "Battery Eater '05' . Is there a fix for this, besides when try to updates the screen turns blank!!

26.6.2013 - Fellippe - LTA-RH

The BE works perfectly on any operating system, be it 64 bit windows 7 or 8 should work as follows: For the BE should work perfectly set in the control panel / power options / Change plan settings / change configurations energy further / battery - All items that appear as hibernate, should be with the action of POWER OFF, so you will not have the white screen error B. Solution found by me - Fellippe Mendes - LTA-RH (Dell Computers)!!

13.5.2013 - a1batman

Run pro v2.70, in vista but display "Failed to set data for "Battery Eater '05' . Is there a fix for this.

12.4.2013 - Jacky

Hi, Can Battery eater pro v2.70 support on Win 7 any version ?

12.4.2013 - Jacky

Hi, I download Battery eater pro v2.70, but display "Failed to set data for "Battery Eater '05' " , Can you share how to fix it ?

17.2.2013 - tatamis

hello i have a problem this program say 2-nd battery unplugged how i can fix this error

do you have second battery?

13.2.2013 - Pouncytaur

BE Pro will run on Windows 8, but it has to be ran in Administrator mode, and you have to be very fast about clicking the "Begin test When disconnecting AC" checkbox before the program becomes unresponsive. It will regain response after unplugging. This may be a one time thing, but on this one computer, BE is all scrambled, the buttons are behind graphs, window graphics are different sizes than the windows... it's really odd. Win 8 compatibility is negligible at best.

23.1.2013 - FuJI

Hi, can't get it working on Windows 8. I tried to start it with administrator rights, but it didn`t work. And I tried to start programm on different laptops, but any results too.

17.1.2013 - mimimi

Google translate: Hey. Soft ​​is good, thanks! With each new battery is fully discharged, the capacity is increasing and increasing. If at first displayed as 67,782 MWh, and then slightly decreased 64,900 MWh (looked at Aide64 and BetteriBare) then after a couple of runs BetteriEda was 70,807 MWh Run at idle. Appears during normal operation in the full discharge of the increase emkorsti not observed, although the settings battarei (P4G Hybrid Asus) is vyrobotka to 0. What are the main differences with your program in the background of the normal operation of the wind in zero battery? And by the way, yes, "the stated capacity of the battery" (or whatever it is, "Disaynd capacity") 6111 mAh, and sold as a 7800 mAh, but in fact it turns out 6556 mAh and the like continues to grow for a little bit. There are thoughts that can happen? Battery Iter calibrates the battery or what?Oh yes, Vista 32 sp2, Asus F3se 5,5 years, new battery cycles 5-8, Chinese, nearly double capacity (stated 7800 but only disaynd 6111), calibrated from the BIOS, but to no avail as it.

17.1.2013 - mimimi

, Vista 32 sp2, Asus F3se 5,5 , 5-8, , ( 7800 6111), ,

17.1.2013 - mimimi

. , ! . 67782 *, 64900 * ( 64 ) 70807 *. . , (P4G Hybrid Asus) 0. ? , " " ( , " ") 6111 *, 7800 *, 6556 * . ? ?

, . , " ". battery eater .

27.10.2012 - rudi

Same problem here, not responding under Windows 8...

12.10.2012 - simon

Hi, can't get it working on Windows 8, Any suggestions?

Try to start it with administrator rights. Right click -> run as administrator.

11.9.2012 - Brownz

@ Dan - cmd prompt - [powercfg -setdcvalueindex SCHEME_CURRENT SUB_BATTERY BATACTIONCRIT 0] then tweak the rest of the settings in the power ctrl panel applet under the OS

20.8.2012 - Dan

Hi. nice software, very useful. Is there a way to run the test in a win7 32bit machine that cannot hibernate? When the battery goes low the system sleeps. What can I do to get the test results? Thanks!

17.7.2012 - Gisa

Hi, i'm using BEPro on two Dell laptop but after 40/50 minutes it is blocked; the rotation of battery in a classical test is freezed and the application doesn't allocate RAM.

14.7.2012 - fb


19.6.2012 - alex

Hello. The Nattery Eater 05 shows my laptop's battery has only 3 cells and 4gb of ram (instead of 6 cells and 8 gb ram). I understand the 4 gb is because I have windows 7 64, but why 3 cell battery? Here u can find the report: http://bit.ly/MCtrl2

29.5.2012 - sergio

how to get information from a consumer notebook hp model 4430

8.3.2012 - andrew.barton

Graph drawing error (reported in log file) - Windows XP Pro

7.3.2012 - andrew.barton

Graphics window does not open fully to display image - Windows XP Pro

6.3.2012 - fonzi

oops i was too fast with the return key ;-) how can i get the battery updater working? I've tried to use it in different OS but its still buggy. First it seems to run with some flickering but after downloading a bit an creating a temp folder BEupdated ends in a white background whithout any text and WinXP says no response...

6.3.2012 - fonzi

first of all thanks a lot for this realls useful program. After using it 4 times in a row my battery raised abot 30 % :-)cant get update -

23.2.2012 - Skei

I'm getting Error B on two different laptops after the test is run. I've not found any help on this error anywhere online. Any suggestions ? Thanks.

7.12.2011 - iaintellingyoumyname

how long is the text the the battery reader test use? Since it stops reading after about 2 hours,and since most laptops i test can hold for 6-8hours+ it seems its inaccurate then.

Yeah, It's the book "Hamlet", and when BE was written most notebooks cant hold even 1.5 Hours at all.

5.12.2011 - End of the Universe

Hi there, in the past was written that some day in the future we will receive BE3... How far away is some day? Or are you planning to release the source code so that other developers can upgrade BE2.7 to Windows 7 and 64 bit.

It it true htat BE3 was in development. But one problem is still exists in our way to new release. Money. This project is totally free, so we don't get any money from it. Ads give us some money only to pay hosting. So I cant promise anything.

9.11.2011 - nicole liu

Dear General Manager,

18.10.2011 - Seeker

. 32- Win 7 BE , . 64- . - ?:)

. . .

31.8.2011 - Bajanknight

How do you derive the Electrical Information (Design,Fully Charged, and Current capacity) numbers?

See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa372659%28v=vs.85%29.aspx for this question

29.8.2011 - NELLY

I want to download the batery eater software

So just do it!

23.8.2011 - yeter

Battery eater doesn't detect the right amount of ram in my laptop. I've got 8gb loaded but it only detects it as 4gb. Checking on my system properties it detects 8gb. Is it a bug in the software?

Battery eater 1.xx and 2.xx is 32-bit native applications. Thus means it can't adress more then 4Gb of RAM. We look into future and will release 64-bit app too.

22.8.2011 - sachamo291

I can not find my battery model to check my battery life. The product # is FPCBP192.

Perhaps this information can't be acesses or not exists. Good luck!

22.8.2011 - therock

I want to delete the program and other files completely from my computer with Win 7. I saw the video on yahoo.com recommending Battery Eater but it does not seem to serve my purpose at all. Kindly assist.

Just delete Battery eater folder. BE does not place any files in any other folders.

22.8.2011 - Jaykumar

What version should I use for Vista? Thanks

Try latest. With regards.

22.8.2011 - newgirl

when i download "BatteryEater" it automatically wants to open with "Photo Gallery" but says i have to download that too, does it really open with "photo Gallery"? oooor what do you recommend? help

What version do you try to execute?

22.8.2011 - Jen

I was trying to figure out how to work this and opened the Gauge.exe file. A black box appeared on my taskbar by the system side. I clicked it, and it went behind the taskbar. I wouldn't have noticed, except I'm running Windows 7, so the taskbar is translucent. The black box is annoying and occasionally the numbers in it change, drawing my attention to it. I deleted all the BE data and emptied my recycle bin, but lo and behold, the black box isn't gone. There's a process in the Task Manager called Gauge.exe, but I was hesitant to end it because I don't know if it's the right one.

It is this one. Unfortunately this utility does not work properly with AeroGlass theme. Hoping it will be fixed in BE3. Thank you for your feedback.

21.8.2011 - coffeeboi

thank you!!

And thank you too!

21.8.2011 - Techie

To remove the folder you need to end the BEPro.exe process... Go to task manager/processes, then END PROCESS for BEPro.exe, once that's shut down then you can remove the folder.

21.8.2011 - coffeeboi

Can not remove your folder. Took ownership. Still not able to remove. This a virus???

Probably Battery eater is still running.

21.8.2011 - confused

how do i remove be2003v104.zip from my computer? it keeps saying i need permission to do so. i want it off my computer since it is not doing what i thought it would. i put it on after seeing about it on yahoo.com. i just want it gone.

Just remove the folder.

21.8.2011 - mikleno


Hello 8)

27.5.2011 - Yull

Before using BE I need to disable Power4Gear on my Asus notebook ? Or modufy the power settings ?


5.4.2011 - CD

Battery eater pro v2.70 display "Failed to set data for "Battery Eater '05' "

22.2.2011 - Lenovo

Tested my ultraportable system with a movie and it runs over 6 hours on full brightness. But, BE sucks my battery in less than 2 hours. That's nuts!

Welcome to the real world. :)

18.2.2011 - ON1DQD

I use BE with WinXP Pro with SP3 and when i put the power plug in to charge the battery and power on the notebook i receive Access Violation error's. How can we slove this problem?

16.2.2011 - endyk

continuing my answer, how i could do "stress test" ? using this software ? it could not do, because right now refusing charging and laptop died if i unplug the ac chord.

13.2.2011 - vmac

Kompatible with Windows 7?

12.12.2010 - bzs

cannot get battery eater to work on fujitsu siemens running vista get error message..with Pro v2.70 access violation at 00461179 in module BEpro.exe Read of address 00000358.

Try to start it "from administrator". It can help.

6.12.2010 - Roger

Can't get any version of battery eater to run at all on my old WIndowsME Sony laptop. Error message with Pro v2.70 "Access violation at address 0044FD63 in module 'BEPRO.PRO'. Read of address FFFFFFFF.

BE have no support for Win9x.

31.10.2010 - Ajax

Would like to see it working with UPS-es too :))

It can be done win manual mode.

19.7.2010 - rick

When will version 3.0 will release? And how to got it?Thanks!

When it's done.

12.7.2010 - Stalin

Hi,i saw that version 3 is available as beta,where can i download it to test it ? My Email : stalingraddd[:]gmail[:]com

6.7.2010 - endyk

my laptop lenovo x61, after using battery eater in 76% my laptop is died, if i turned on, my laptop refuse charging, why is this happened?

Your notebooks seems to be not newer one, so battery may die away already. Stress test may catalyze this process. Battery controller often show wrong values of charging level on old batteries (more than 1 year). This show up that you must replace or repair you battery pack sooner or later.

7.6.2010 - Access Violation

My Notebook is Toshiba R500 on WinXP SP3.

7.6.2010 - Access Violation

I also experience similar access violation at address 00461179 in module 'BEPro.exe'. Read of address 00000358. My BE is 2.70

6.6.2010 - UserNameIssues

The few times that I have gotten BE to run without errors - I get no data in the graph like shurcooL See the HTML output here http://i50.tinypic.com/14awq50.jpg and here http://i49.tinypic.com/f25xec.jpg The log.txt has this as the first line after header info [4:51:44 PM] 86580 125042692 and it has this as the last line: [6:10:51 PM] 17649

5.6.2010 - UserNameIssues

This error seems to be quite repeatable for me - but it does not to it 100% of the time. Here is a picture of the screen http://i48.tinypic.com/13zocw8.jpg

5.6.2010 - UserNameIssues

BE Pro 2.70 on a Dell Latitude D620 running XP SP3 & NTFS. I set BE to use classic mode and to start data collection when power was removed. I removed power and let the battery run down. When I reconnected power and started the computer - BE started to load, but gave this error: "Access violation at address 004038BF in module 'BEPro.exe'. Write of address 00000004."

13.5.2010 - nlfb

Battery eater pro v2.70 display "Failed to set data for "Battery Eater '05' "

11.4.2010 - shurcooL

I've ran BE v2.70 many times in the past and it always worked fine. But the latest time, after the Classic test completed (i.e. laptop turned off), I turned it on and I was dismayed to see the battery data was empty. It said run time was 0 minutes, and the graph was empty. I know it ran for many hours... I was using FAT32 system, maybe that's why?

We reccomend to use NTFS instead. NTFS provide no data loss.

29.1.2010 - Rustam

After manual dump of the controller of the battery the test began to show the Maximum capacity 65156ah it is normal?

26.1.2010 - IVAN

marat - maladec

19.1.2010 - Emiliano

V2.70 supports Windows 7? If not, any forecast for it?

30.10.2009 - Eduardo

I did the tests in one of our machines and I am struggling to see the results. They are. BEG. Is there any specific application to. BEG?

Just Drag and dpor this .BEG file on Battery Eater Icon and it will generate report in html automaticly.

1.8.2009 - Mark

Will you be building a Mac version of this?


23.7.2009 - Bobby_at_BBC

Same as 18.4.2007 - ruckb. Memory access violation. WinXP Pro SP3. Ideas?

22.6.2009 - nelson

the discharge rate in the report is 2147483648 mWh this is some bug <i


19.6.2009 - Yuhan

Can I check battery life at movie playing operation with Battery Eater?

18.5.2009 - Fabio

The correct message is " Unable to find suitable pixel format ". The SO is Windows Vista Business , BR , SP1.

18.5.2009 - Fabio

The battery eater pro work with SiS chipset ? always that I run the Message " Unable Pixell " appear !!!!

Your graphic chipset do not have requested OpenGLsupport. Try to update video drivers.

12.5.2009 - BEN

how to uninstall?

Just delete. BE will not leave any kind of "junk" at your computer (i.e. registry keys, files or folders)

10.5.2009 - Anglo-Balkan

What is the minimum specification laptop and o/s to use?

Any laptop you want. Windows NT and any OS after it. Windows 95/98/Me if worked but not supported.

3.5.2009 - Klosiak

When I run a Classic test OpenGL windows shows only grey pattern and nothing is rendered. How to fix it? Dell D600 with Mobility Radeon 9000.

23.4.2009 - Nelson

Which version can support Windows7 x64bit?


22.4.2009 - Jacky Wang

Which version can support Windows7?

every single versions of BE is not tested on Vindows 7 yet.

6.4.2009 - marat

Rabotaet !!!!

21.3.2009 - danthemanca

Just downloaded Battery Eater Pro v2.70 and my antivirus (Trend Micro Office Scan) shows the download containing 3 malwares - is this a false positive reading for the antivirus?

18.2.2009 - ppgneo

Why in the battery information the designed capacity (51840 mWh) is much higher than the actual current capacity (35748 mWh)? I mean why is there a such big difference? Is there any way to maximize the current capacity? By the way excellent program :)

Perhaps your battery is not actually new. All batteries lost some capacity every day. Not much, but it can be twice less for a year. Want more - buy new battery.

3.2.2009 - Allegreto

Where can i upload Macedonian translation, sorry for double post, regards

thanks :)

3.2.2009 - Allegreto

i've made Macedonian translation for BEPro for version 2.70

You can send it by email. darthman AT batteryeater.com

6.12.2008 - Dirt4fun

I just used this for my new travel laptop (a MSI Wind) and it's a great application. Any thoughts of porting this to a Mac? Apple recommends reconditioning the battery every month, and this is perfect for it.

I get questions for porting BE to WinMobile, Linux, Mac not for first time. There is still big problem for porting. Battery Eater was developed in Borland Delphi.

11.9.2008 - barryg

BE Pro 2.70 not identifying SATA disks under Vista. I know Vista isn't supported, but looking for some input.

22.7.2008 -

My main problem seems to be getting the BEupdated program to work ( I managed once without a crash) and to get the videa of the revolving battery to work ( i managed it once without a crash) . Most of the time i just get a gray screen with no video. IBM THinkpad T42 running XP Pro.

22.7.2008 - kwikphix

Nice idea. I bouht 2 IBM T42's and decided to see how good the batteries were before and after reconditioning. Both machines are identical but i've only managed to use the program once on one machine, all other times it just froze up & crashed. Not had a program crash on me since Win98 years ago , keep up the good work though I do realise its only freeware...

17.6.2008 - Ricardo

BE crashed on startup and couldn't produce the report. Is there another way to use the .beg and .log files to generate the report?. What is the log file? Is it the evolution of discharge?

Yes. There are other way : drag and drop .beg file over BePro.exe file, and Battery Eater will create report from it.

14.6.2008 - victore

what program will view .beg files?

Only Battery Eater

5.4.2008 - JW

Trend Micro CS detects PAK_Generic.001 & 005 viruses when using BEupdated. Not good.

Some antiviruses are very stupid. Battery Eater have no viruses or trojans (see softpedia check). There are data packers in BE that identified by some stupid antiviruses as viruses.

3.4.2008 - Jwalker38

Is there a readme file for Battery Eater? I'm doing some laptop testing and I was wondering how does Battery Eater call the CPU for the stress testing?

16.3.2008 - Chancellor1753

2.70 crashes 1 minute into Classic test locks up requiring power off

29.2.2008 - Marcio

Hi! I'm trying to test on a MSI that has a ATI Xpress200M and crashes... when I unplug the DC, the screen of battery eater stays blank... and nothing happens... any help??

29.2.2008 - Marcio

Hi! I'm trying to test on a MSI that has a ATI Xpress200M and crashes... when I unplug the DC, the screen of battery eater stays blank... and nothing happens... any help??

16.12.2007 - mikrom

hi everybody, i've made czech translation for BEPro, for version 2.70 its here: http://mikrom.cz/index.php?docs&file=57 , enjoy!

Thanks a lot! It will be included in latest bePro 2.7

5.12.2007 - dasanco

Good idea but crashes a IBM T30 real hard! Re-boot necessary to recover. Any ideas?

25.10.2007 - Hilllu

Does Battery Eater support Vista x64 ?Can run it under Vista x64 ?

Only battery eater 3. 2.xx not tested for support Vista.

14.9.2007 - jason

When running on Vista device after battery has run out... i resume windows and get error message "B" i can click ok but i get no graph or anything else.

19.4.2007 - ruckb

Hi, sorry for the stupid question regarding charge and discharge log unter normal operation conditions .. I found how to do it ... The only interesting extension might be to log the discharge Power in addition ... and I got the discharge log in the meantime too. Due to the Memory access violation I somehow clicked also on the "Do not touch anything" OK button ...

18.4.2007 - ruckb

^Hi, and one last message: I checked also the Forums. Even in some parts I see messages in the overview I get the comment "no message" when looking into this formums ... thanks .... ruckb

18.4.2007 - ruckb

Hi, I kept my messages short, because of the single input line ... But I definitly wanted to say: Great Tool!!!!

18.4.2007 - ruckb

Hi, I would be also interested in logging the charging and discharging under normal operation conditions. Is this possilbe ? thanks ... ruckb

18.4.2007 - ruckb

Hi, I got also an momry access violation under Win2k. The discharge cylce worked fine, but during the charging cycle all 5 seconds a new memory access violation window popped up. Any idea on this ? After the cycle was completed (and hundrets of pop ups ;-) ) I had only a log on the discharge cycle, but not for the charging cylce. Thanks for any feedback ... ruckb

12.3.2007 - mobbel007

I have a problem under Win Me:Acces Violation at Adress 004512B3 in Module "BEPRO.exe"Read os Adress FFFFFFFF.Can you help me?

Windows 9x is not supported by any version of BE.

8.3.2007 - Risaer

Just to let you know. Aviras Antivir (free-av.xxx) refuses the updater. "The trojan horse (TR/Delphi.Downloader.Gen) was found". Guess, that's one of the annoying false alarms.

We guess it because UPX (universal packer for executables). This utility makes EXE files smaller.

1.2.2007 - narcyscrystyn@yahoo.com

After test your software my battery laptop refuse charging....???

25.1.2007 - debeliz

Can You please tell me what is "Gauge 75%"

5.1.2007 - DOOMer

! ;)

3.9.2006 - Carlo

Hi... I really enjoyed using your program!! I would love to translate it to Italian... Let me know if your interested and I'll five you my email. Ciao, Carlo

Buon giorno! Of cource You can! Just send me unicode version of updated Language.ini file. Then I'll update one at site and programm too.

21.4.2006 - Medved

Preved! Battery Eater!

Preved Medved!