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06.25.2010 - Donations

  Today we take donations with PayPal. You can find our "Donate" button at the header of page. Thank you!

05.28.2010 - GPU and CPU tests

  Today we start our partnership with quad ENGINE. New 3D and 2D benchmark modes will use "quad" for calculations and visualizations. Quad engine is 2d/3d engine, it uses latest hardware features such as pixel and vertex shader. Newest notebooks can disable shader blocks when not used. So Battery Eater can now "eat" battery with more hunger :) Note that it will be available only in version 3.0 of Battery eater.

02.19.2008 - Development continues

  There are several updates today. New beUpdated with bugfixes, HTML export plugin, bugfixes and export plugins support in main module. You can update it with beUpdated.

06.26.2007 - Gauge

  New version of Gauge software today started. Full Windows Vista support. New overlay view. Soon you can enjoy it.

06.25.2007 - OUS

  Online Update system v0.1 now works... For now it's only can download all available files, but in later version will be added "smart" downloading. Only newer files will be downloaded. beUpdated now is only 177Kb (include beUltimate skin)

01.27.2007 - Plugins Support

  Add many functions for plugins. Battery Eater "core" is in beta test mode. There are will be new benchmark. It will be hard ONLY for Graphic Card (GPU). It will be complex scene, without any work for CPU or HDD.

01.09.2007 - Classic mode

  The Classic mode was today partially converted under new format of Battery Eater. This plugin will have a quantity of options like same mode in older versions.

01.07.2007 - Errors Handling

  Today was created Error handling system. This tool will help with future development and bugfixes..
  Also we got some visual enchantments. Lol. BE3 is beautiful as never :)